MODELLS the perfect profile

MODELLS the perfect profile

LED Installation by Nicole Pruckermayr and Elisabeth Schimana

hotel facade “Altes Kloster” Hainburg                                                                                                
SO 17 04 2011 – DI 15 11 2011

Have you googled today?
Ever notice that whenever you do a search, all the little machines that generate your search results tremendously influence your perception of the world and your decisions and that you leave behind your own profile each time and help to compile the perfect user profile for free?

Being on the Internet, being online, not only means participating in the great illusion machine, watching a world machine, it also means creating it, leaving tracks, writing it, restructuring processes. A lot of people surfing the web are not aware of the fact that this happens constantly and often in not so obvious ways. As soon as we are out there, we participate in rankings, influence which news is covered, are analyzed as consumers, and become part of future strategies of every kind. We submit our profiles, and every click to every link is documented.

programming of the der LED visualization: IOhannes m zmölnig                                           
print grafic design and illustration: Elisabeth Kopf
a project by Art in Public Space NÖ