Astrid Mager: Social scientist doing research on the Internet and society. She currently works as a postdoctoral fellow at HUMlab (University of Umeå/ Sweden).

Hannes Carl Meyer: Product Developer in the field of Information Managemend near Hannover. Know-how in Java Software Engineering and is specialized on the integration of Open Source projects like Apache Lucene, Solr, Hadoop and UIMA.

Elisabeth Schimana: performer, composer and radio artist since 1983. Founded IMA Institut of Mediaarcheology.

Jogi Hofmüller: Currently CTO of – Verein zur Förderung von  Netzwerkkunst. He is a co-founder of Radio Helsinki and

Joris van Hoboken: PhD candidate at the Institute for Information Law at the University of Amsterdam, writing a dissertation about search engines and freedom of expression.

IOhannes Zmölnig: Since 1999 working and studying at the Institut of Electronic Music and Acoustic in Graz. He is Co-Founder and President of pd-graz, and founder of forum::für::umläute.

Katja Meyer: Sociologist. Currently she is teaching at the Department of Social Studies of Science, University of Vienna.

Konrad Becker: author, artist and producer in the field of electronic media. He is director and co-founder of the Institute for New Culture Technologies/t0, and ofPublic Netbase during 1994 to 2006. He started World-Information.Org, a cultural intelligence agency, and several other projects.

Malte Ziewitz: PhD candidate in Science and Technology Studies at the Institute for Science, Innovation and Society, University of Oxford. He focuses on the practical politics of novel review, rating and ranking schemes in healthcare and search engine optimization.

Martin Schitter: Philosopher, Software Engineer and staff member of

Nicole Pruckermayr: (media-)installation, video and music. Co-founder of nap + forum::für::umläute

Reni Hofmüller: artist, musician, composer, performer,

Seda Gürses: Post-doc at COSIC/ESAT working on privacy in social networks.

Seppo Gründler: artist, musician, composer, performer

Sonja Bettel: Sonja Bettel is a freelance journalist, presenter and author, specialized in science and technology and new media and works mainly for the Austrian public radio Ö1.

Theo Röhle: Post-doc researcher at the Graduate Programme, University of Paderborn, Germany. He also studied Cultural Studies and History of Ideas at the University in Stockholm.

Ushi Reiter: she is a web developer, graphic designer and artist with a special interesst in net.activism and audio-visual communication. Since June 2005 Reiter runs the non-commercial cultural backbone organisation Kunst & Kultur im Netz.

Wolfgang Sander-Beuermann: He holds a PhD degree in Thermodynamics. Since 1997 he works at Hanover University (RRZN) developing search engines. In 2004 he initiated SuMa-eV, aiming to help secure free and open access to the digital knowledge of the world.